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Bigg Boss 8: Karishma, Diandra, Upen grilled by Salman Khan over sidelining Gautam

India TV Entertainment Desk 03 Nov 2014, 10:00:09 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Salman Khan arrived with his killer dose of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar' once again.

Grooving on the tunes of his Yuvraaj, the popular host gave a task to Puneet before actually setting on a tete-a tete with the housemates.

In the task coordinated by Puneet, three contestants had to do particularly assigned tasks. Karishma was asked to spend a day without make-up but the lady refused to do so.

Sushant had to pack his entire bag and put it in the store room and Aarya was asked to drape a saree and put a bindi. While Sushant too denied doing the task, Aarya on the other hand became sport and said that if he can save one from being evicted, he is ready despite the task being a big deal for him.

The reason behind the surprising task was Salman's strategy to know who is playing hard in the game.

And as Salman began talking to the contestants, he immediately pointed out Karishma and Sushant and told them that it shouldn't have been a huge issue for both of them if they had done the tasks assigned to them in order to save a person from getting evicted.

Also, Aarya was applauded for his sporting behaviour.

The episode was followed by Salman grilling the contestants for sidelining Gautam in the house. Bollywood actor again asked the housemates a few genuine questions to which most of the inmates couldn't revert reasonably.

Salman asked that if Gautam is that negative that the entire house is portraying him, then why it is that the audience is liking him and saving him since always. Karishma tried to explain but couldn't justify.

Meanwhile, a clip was shown from the previous day where Ali and Aarya were seen making fun about how have they successfully sidelined Gautam. Also, the target of all, Gautam even cried before the camera and asked Bigg Boss to help him in showing him the way.

Then, Upen, Puneet and Karishma were also making Gautam a hard target in the conversation in the bedroom. What also revealed there was Puneet confessing that he wanted Upen to win the captaincy and thus he didn't use his physical power in the task.