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Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan vs Dolly Bindra, Imam, KRK this season? (see pics)

India TV News Desk 19 Aug 2014, 7:33:58 AM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 is here at our door steps with its first teaser featuring Salman Khan recently got out.

Now, since the bell has rung announcing the arrival of the eighth season of ever-so-popular reality show, Bigg Boss, the speculations around this year's set of contestants are already doing the rounds.

While we have already told you about the expected list of Bigg Boss 8 participants, here is the news adding more fun to the buzz.

Just for your amusement, think what if the controversial characters from the earlier seasons of Bigg Boss come together for season 8!

Don't you think the astounding levels of controversies and entertainment that the show usually surpasses with its every other season would get rolled over in a much big periphery?

Salman Khan and his association with Bigg Boss is of four years now, and considering the benchmarks of controversies that the show has build upon, you cannot deny the participation of active contestants in it.

Be it hot Rakhi Sawant, rude Raja Chaudhary, cunning Imam Siddique and loud Dolly Bindra, we have got a special someone to remember from each of Bigg Boss' seasons.

And now, if all these great personalities are asked to come together to stay in the coveted Bigg Boss house, what all ‘dhoom' will they make inside there?

First, you'll get the entire masala or may be more than what you ever expected in this season. Then, you'll have to get ready to digest weirdest of the things happening inside the house with the presence of housemates like Pooja Mishra and Imam Siddique.

Also, there will be a big time competition between Dolly Bindra and Armaan Kohli of who can yell-out-louder!

Our very own striking host, Salman Khan, who had already handled enough of melodrama being on the show, might have to sit silent or else show his ‘Devil' avatar to calm everyone inside the house this year! 

Moreover, it would be interesting to see the ‘Kick' star bonding with the great Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK. Needless to tell you how much outspoken and smart this man is, and sometimes even more daring than our ‘Dabangg Khan!'

Thus, set on another ride of anticipation and wait for the list of Bigg Boss 8 contestants to get out. We are doing the same!