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10 reasons why we just love Salman Khan!

India TV News Desk 27 Dec 2015, 10:38:48 AM IST
India TV News Desk

He is the man of all moments; his mood captures the imagination of this cinema-crazy nation because even if he blinks it becomes news.

We are talking about none other than the Bhai of Bollywood; Salman Khan. His mere presence in a movie ensures its success; critics are yet to decode the mystery behind his golden run at box office.
It is often said in Bollywood circle, unlike other Khans who are boasted for their acting skills, Salman plays himself in his movies.

He romanced the leading ladies of the tinsel town on-off the screen and he still is the most sought after bachelor in the industry.

He is the man with the golden heart and, a messiah for newcomers. We have tried to capture Bhai's various avatars in cinema little differently.

As the superstar turns 50 today, we have captured Khan's most eclectic moments in his 26 year old cinematic journey.

1)  Bhai's  bowels getting better of him


2) Bhai taking power nap

3) Bhai hogging limelight


4) Bhai wihout 'Bhoujai'


5) Bhai reading a news daily

6) Kickass Bhai

7) Bhai taking centrestage

8) Bhai's parivarik avatar with our Babuji


9) Bhai giving back to nature


10) Bhai in celebratory mood