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Hot tempered superstar Salman Khan now has a control on his temper!

India TV News Desk 20 Jun 2014, 7:00:20 IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Gone are the days when superstar Salman Khan used to lose his temper on irrelevant puzzles being put forward at any media event. Here we discovered the ever cool Salman in an absolutely transformed avatar at the trailer launch of his much-awaited action thriller ‘Kick'.

Dabbang Khan has unearthed a new technique to snub off the questions, which he abhors to entertain. A day prior, the world was aware about Preity Zinta's controversy with Ness Wadia and there was an anticipation that a question relevant to this would pop up in front of Zinta's best friend Salman.

And indeed it happened. A female journalist tried to grasp some views from Salman who looked totally in a fun mood. And like we know that when Salman is in the house, the amusement itself finds its way, the actor took a jibe at this unassociated puzzle in a rather unusual way.

Salman, who in previous media appearances used to get annoyed with such puzzles, found a new technique to ignore, which all the journalists enjoyed.

The actor repeatedly was of the one view, ‘aap galat jagah par hai' (U are at the wrong place) as if someone has pressed the repeat button. The journalist didn't lose hope and continued to ask him the same question but the actor was witty enough to not to give her any opportunity to bring out any concrete content on that part.

Not only this! In the mean time the actor also displayed his signature steps from the flick completely mocking the journalist. The fans and media were abuzz with Salman's crazy new means to overlook the immaterial question and calm down his temper.

There were days when Salman's tone towards such incidents used to be blatant and harsh. He lashed out at media with his choice of cursing words. How could one forget his anxious side over the quiz on Katrina's bikini controversy in Spain, his comparison with Shah Rukh Khan or his relationship status with Aishwarya Rai?

But we think he has come a long way now and has started looking at things differently. He has toned down and we are sure this is going to help him in the future sans any more controversy.