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Kick fever: Will Salman-Jacqueline jodi replace Salman-Katrina's on screen charm? (See pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 19 Jun 2014, 7:08:26 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Salman Khan is here with his solid ‘Kick' now. And what has he brought-in apart from the stupendous action and to-die-for rusty image is the kindled fresh couple as him and Jacqueline.

With ‘Kick' is focus, Salman and Jacqueline's intriguing love chemistry is also on display for the viewers. And while the audience has so far enjoyed Salman-Katrina's bonding on screen with great fervour, this time Jacqueline's replacing Katrina with ‘kick' would be epic to see.

‘EK Tha Tiger' called for marvelous success in the year 2011 and Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif camaraderie was thoroughly adored everywhere, making the movie the highest grosser of the year.

Now, as the speculations are high regarding ‘Kick' surpassing entire records of Salman's films so far, Jacky and Salman's Jodi too is on the stake.

Though ‘Kick' has been deemed whole and out as a Salman's film, Jacqueline seems to partially resembling Katrina from ‘Ek Tha Tiger.'

The similar innocence and the wonderfully carved on screen persona, Jacqueline is undoubtedly spilling her exquisite charm as can be seen in ‘Kick' trailer.

While the entire world is awaiting the release of Salman Khan's ‘Kick,' it would be interesting to see what magic does Salman-Jacqueline Jodi creates in the big screen.

Also, will Salman be able to romance Jacqueline the way he had flawlessly done with Katrina on screen? Let Salman-Jacqueline get their ‘kick' with the release of ‘Kick.'

Kick has been directed by debutant Sajid Nadiadwala and is slated to release on this Eid.