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Salman-Shah Rukh to star together in a Bollywood film - Isn't it the right time?

India TV Entertainment Desk 26 Nov 2014, 6:47:24 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have evidently seemed to be rising above the rift they had between them from years now.

And the recently consummated Arpita Khan's wedding holds evidences to this Salman-SRK friendship devoid of any spat.

While Shah Rukh presented gesture like an elder brother for Arpita at her wedding, he also showed great warmth for Salman both at Arpita's pre wedding and post wedding functions too.

Giving a statement in the media, SRK even said “I have seen her (Arpita) grow in front of my eyes so the essence here was that our (SRK and Salman) sister was getting married and we had to be there."

With such affection on display for both Salman and his family, it is pretty evident that neither King Khan nor Dabbangg Khan clasp any harsh feelings for each other from the past today. And though it is great to see such lively bond getting reprised, we wonder why isn't this bonding be showcased on big screen and we get to see Karan-Arjun once again!

After those public hugs and clicks, both Salman and Shah Rukh were anticipated to reflect the relationship they share openly during Arpita Khan's wedding. And while all of us cherished to witness the moment of watching Salman-SRK together showering love over little Arpita, we now want to cherish them on screen through some great cinema soon.

Creating a lot of hustles and bustles, the chemistry between Salman and SRK has entertained us both on screen and off screen. And it's been ages since we saw a great camaraderie building up between the two on big-screen.

Thus, considering the ‘happy' mood around, isn't it the most perfect time for both of our influential Khans to think of doing a film together?

Now that all the clouds of scuffles and negative exchanges have been filtered by the time, we want both our effluent film makers and Salman-SRK to allow us to witness possibly the most historic cinematic moment on screen soon!