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OMG! Salman gets into war with Sonu Nigam; insults him on stage!

India TV News Desk 13 Oct 2015, 13:26:48 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Superstar Salman Khan reportedly had a bitter argument with singer Sonu Nigam at a recently concluded T-series event in Mumbai.

The concert - 'Suron Ke Rang', celebrating three decades of T-Series and their founder Gulshan Kumar, was hosted by Sonu Nigam. Salman Khan was present there as a guest.

The Dabbangg Khan landed up at the event on time to enjoy the musical extravaganza and all was going smooth.

When Sonu invited Salman Khan on the stage, the actor gave him a sharp verbal rebuke. The Dabangg Khan even went on to allege that he does not need a playback singer to croon for him in the movies.

Such reaction from the superstar not only shocked Sonu Nigam, but also the audiences presented there for the musical evening.

“Sonu looked visibly upset about Salman's comments. Khan was adamant to prove that singers have a very easy job to do. He even went on to say that he has a decent voice that can be improved using technology and made to sound good, then why would he need a Sonu Nigam or anyone else to croon for him. And obviously Sonu did not take this very well. In fact there was a fun segment that was to be shot between Salman and Sonu, which was then scrapped,” a source was quoted by a leading entertainment website.

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It is not the first time that the two have got into such type of argument. As per sources, during ‘Kick' recording, Salman and Sonu debated on the same issue.

While Salman was adamant that singers shouldn't be given more weightage as he can sing his own songs now, Sonu was keen to explain him that signing needs commitment. To provie his point, Salman even proved Sonu that his eversion of 'Hangover' is as good as Sonu Nigam's.

Recently, we saw Salman Khan singing 'Main Hoon Hero Tera' in his home prodction movie 'Hero'. The song, bettered with the with use of technology, turned out be a chart buster and Salman was on cloud nine for the obious reasons.

Well! Seeing Salman's attitude, it looks like he is going to sing himself in his coming ways. So!! Good bye to singers?