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Salman May Undergo Treatment For Sciatica

PTI 21 Aug 2011, 13:47:22 IST

Mumbai, Aug 21 : Bollywood actor Salman Khan is apparently suffering from a spinal chord condition called sciatica. It is not a rare condition but leads to acute pain in the spinal chord and lower back. The ailment arises due to irritation or compression of the five spinal nerve roots, hampering your daily activities, reports DNA.

“The thing that is on top of our mind is not his heart but sciatica. There are days when bhai cannot shoot because of severe pain in the legs and lower back. The doctor (reportedly attached with Jaslok Hospital) diagnosed him with sciatica last year,” says source close to the Khan family.

Salman has also been asked to stop smoking because it is weakening his heart and increasing the risk of his arteries getting choked.

Salman's gym sessions have almost come to a halt because of sciatica, as he is unable to lift weights for his legs.

“Exercises like bench press, leg curls etc have been stopped because bhai is not in a condition to do them. He is just working on thetorso (chest and biceps) because he needs to shoot. His dance steps have been minimised and he is not shooting for a dance sequence right now,” the source adds.

Salman will first consult a leading expert in the field, and is planning to fly off to London for a week.

 “He needs to go through a detailed therapy and for that he would have to stay at the facility for a few days. He has also told his brothers that he will go to the charity football and cricket matches but won't step on to the ground. His secretary is now busy juggling his dates as several movies are in the offing,” the source  told DNA.