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Salman Tells Kids How He Bullied Others, Bunked Classes

PTI 05 Jan 2010, 13:02:55 IST

Bollywood star Salman Khan told a stunned audience consisting of teachers and parents of Jamnabai Narsee School in Juhu, how he used to bunk classes and bully kids in school.  He even asked who was the present bully and one hand went up. 

Salman had been invited to  judge for an event at  the school. 

Salman recalled how he would bunk classes constantly and was rusticated from four schools. 

When he was asked by the children to dance on stage with them, he quipped, “I don't dance without being paid.” Even before the stunned kids  could recover, Salman  proceeded to dance to one of his own songs on stage.

Salman  danced with the kids and even promoted his film Veer saying, 'there is a veer in all of you' which has got you to come on the stage and perform like this'. 

After the dance, he gave out music CDs of the film to the kids. While leaving the venue, some of the kids followed him. Unknowingly, his guard pushed one of them. Salman lost his temper, made the guard apologize to the child, and gave him an autographed music CD of his film.