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Salman Transports His Gym To Panchgani During Shooting

PTI 21 Jan 2010, 10:22:27 IST

Fitness fanatic Bollywood star Salman Khan  has constructed a state-of-the-art gym in the basement of Ravine Hotel in Panchgani, where he has been shooting for the last month  for the film Dabanng, according to media reports.

A unit hand said: “Though Salman has invited people from his unit to come and work out there only brother (and Dabanng director) Arbaaz, Sonu Sood and he are allowed there. Salman even invited Govinda over to work out at the gym but Chi Chi prefers to lose weight with yoga and politely refused."

The unit hand says: "Salman was always a fitness freak but he's being more careful after Wanted as he had put on weight during the film. Now he's strictly adhering to his exercise regime, has cut down on oily and rich food like his mutton biryanis and aerated drinks. The gym at Panchgani is fully equipped with the latest workout equipments -- some of which Salman has got from his Panvel farmhouse and lighter stuff from his Bandra home."

There is some new equipment like cardio stuff, which Salman has bought. "Now that Salman will be there for another month (80 per cent of the film has been shot). After shooting completes, the equipment will we shifted back. The trio --Arbaaz, Sonu and Sallu -- work out  an hour in the mornings and an hour in the evenings. Sometimes, there are mock lifting duels between Arbaaz and Sonu with Salman playing referee." 

Says Arbaaz, "It's true that we work out every day but a gym always existed. We just added our own equipment so we could work according to our specifications."

Arbaaz is currently shooting a song on wife Malaika Arora and Salman Khan in Wai.