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Shah Rukh Khan opens up on his patch-up with Salman Khan

India TV Entertainment Desk 27 Dec 2014, 12:49:34 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, the two Bollywood's biggest superstars who had been in news for their fight for the longest time have finally patched up.

Today things are absolutely fine between the two stars and it is evident from the way they treated each other even at the Arpita's wedding reception held few days ago.

Shah Rukh attended Arpita's pre wedding function and reception whole heartedly and Salman too accepted him warmly.

According to a leading daily Shah Rukh said, "Because of Bollywood, people some times over dramatise things. Our relationship with people is not exactly what is being presented outside. There has been a long relationship between our families, mine and Salman's and our children. So it was never like going to some place new".

What the world witnessed during Arpita's wedding is the actual relation, industry's two biggest Khans share. Both the superstars hit it off big time during Arpita's sangeet and reception. Shah Rukh also attended Arpita's wedding reception two days back and behaved just like a family member would have- from greeting guests to helping elders and even dancing and engaging in a funny banter with Salman.

On asking him further, SRK said, "When me and Salman meet personally our relationship is same as what it was 25 years back. There is no bad blood. From the outside, we are Pathans and hot headed guys and can have issues at times but nothing more to that.

Arpita is close to me too. I have seen her grow in front of eyes so the essence here was that our sister was getting married and we had to be there”

In the reception the two danced away to glory announcing to the whole world that the 'long-standing enmity' was mere media creation.

Since both the Khans have patched up now, we hope their friendship lasts for life long.