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Shah Rukh Khan continues expressing love for his fans, posts more sketches (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 30 Jun 2014, 8:13:03 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan has continued attributing his fans through Twitter today too. After showing his great love for his fans on the social networking site a day before, SRK posted a few more sketches of himself today.

Sketched by his fans, each portrait had a special description by the King Khan himself.

Yesterday too, Shah Rukh posted a series of sketches showing him in various moods. And today as he continued doing the same, his fans must be feeling overwhelmed by his such lovable effort.

It is a notable fact that the actor uses the platform to its best to stay interactive with his fans and also to express love for family, friends and fans time and again.  And while we have seen in the recent past how Shah Rukh showered ample affection for his kids on the social platform, showing such warmth for fans is simply appreciable.

For the first picture that he posted last night, SRK wrote: ‘A little curvaceous I have to say....or bent but not broken. Thanx.' The sketch in itself had a slight tilted effect and Shah Rukh creatively mentioned it in his post.'

Just a moment after, he again posted a rather not-so-apt sketch done by some amateur and wrote: ‘Picasso said at the peak of his art, I want to learn how to draw like a child. U r already there. Thanx.'

To elaborate on how much he feel special about this sketch, SRK used a few flowery words and posted: ‘Wow! This is like worth more than a thousand words for sure! Awesome. Thanx.'

For the next one, Shah Rukh said, ‘Strangely it's the same lines & strokes which convey sorrow & wisdom alike...thanx.'

For the next sketch, where he was sketched from his initial days in Bollywood, Shah Rukh posted: ‘The image is from years ago and u have, as Anne Sexton said, filled the eyes with language....thanx.'

Later, just for fun, the actor posted yet another sketch of him and posted ‘With time it's said we finally become caricatures of ourselves...this is before time...happy feet...thanx' as description.

‘Shhhhh.... Keep silent you will sound less stupid that way. Thanx,' posted the man with the next sketch.

And then again, moments later, the actor posted a sketch with the caption, ‘One of my most favourite...great art. "Only the dead have seen the end of War" thanx.'

For the very last portrait, that seemed to be quite colourful, SRK wrote: ‘Wow...bang...pow! Bam! Early Holi celebrations....madly colourful. Thanx.'

We are totally mesmerized by Shah Rukh Khan's such great way of showing love for his fans; and we bet so are you, yeah?