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Shahid Rings Up Vidya Balan After Getting SMS From VB

PTI 08 Jan 2010, 14:21:03 IST

The last time Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan were seen together was in Kismat Konnection. Later, they were not even on talking terms, but a wrong SMS changed everything, reports Mumbai Mirror.

It so happened that Vishal Bhardwaj saw some promos of Kaminey  and sent a congratulatory message to Shahid. The text he sent to Shahid read: ‘You're looking damn good in Kaminey. I just saw you again. VB.”

Vishal, who messaged from his new number that Shahid didn't have, hadn't the slightest inkling he'd reopen a painful old wound. 

Shahid was stunned when he read the message because VB was the nickname he had given to Vidya Balan in happier days.

So convinced was he that it could only be Vidya, that instead of calling the number the message came from, he dialed her mobile number that was still saved on his phone.  Now it was Vidya's turn to be stunned when she saw Shahid's number flashing.

They hadn't spoken in months and Shahid had made every possible effort to make sure their paths didn't cross after they decided to go their separate ways.  

She took the call, not knowing how to react to the situation. 

Shahid apparently demanded to know why she was messaging him if she had liked the film and didn't bother to call.

Vidya, who had found her voice by now, told him that she certainly hadn't sent him any message.  A perplexed Shahid didn't know what to say.