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Shammi Is Irreplaceable, Says Former Co-Heroine Saira Banu

PTI 14 Aug 2011, 17:01:58 IST

Shammi Kapoor's co-star in blockbuster films such as Junglee, Saira Banu, said, “Unbelievable. We keep talking to each other, keep meeting at functions. He comes in a wheelchair. Went to Pran's birthday last year.”

The veteran actress recollects her last meeting: “When we were to meet at Aamir Khan's nephew's marriage, this was the last time we met. Aamir was so particular. Don't have words. He (Shammi Kapoor) used to drive his own car even after dialysis. So fond of driving his own car. I can't believe this, how did this happen. He was perfectly well.”

“Never imagined this could happen to him. Just don't associate that this could happen to a man who was so bubbly. When he was sick, he didn't look like he wanted sympathy. Will be remembered, (he is) irreplaceable. Can't say more, too shocked,” the actress said.