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Soha roughed up, bruised while shooting for Chaarfutiya Chhokre

PTI 12 Aug 2012, 14:25:45 PM IST
Mumbai: A professional actor that Soha Ali Khan is, she requested the director to ask all photographers to moe away from the sets while doing a roughing up scene for the film  Chaarfutiya Chhokre.

According to Mumbai Mirror, the scene required the villain (played by actor Zakir Hussain), rip apart Soha's shirt in a disgusted manner exposing her.

In the scene,Soha is thrown in front of Zakir who starts to beat her and humiliate her and in the process has to tear off her shirt completely.

She felt uncomfortable doing the scene in the presence of the photographers.  But once they were off the sets, Soha, like a thorough professional, played the victim and allowed the villains to be their most evil selves.

 Soha was manhandled and pushed and in the bargain landed up getting badly bruised.

Despite injuries, Soha continued to shoot and refused to use a duplicate.

The manhandling caused red patches and marks on her arms and the back.

There were places she was badly wounded too and had to be given medical aid, said a source.