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Sonakshi Refuses To Do Steamy Scenes In Race-2

PTI 07 Dec 2010, 16:49:14 IST
Whether it is Salman Khan's over-protectiveness or her parents' decision, Sonakshi Sinha has made up her mind not to do steamy scenes in films, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Sonakshi has laid down a condition to the makers of Race 2 that she won't wear revealing outfits in the film.

The report quotes a source close to Sonakshi: “It's like a clause. Sonakshi was polite but clear that she won't expose in Race 2.”

Explaining Sonakshi's reservations, the source added, “The first version of the Race series was quite steamy. But the second version is even steamier. Sonakshi was told about this, so she laid down her cards on the table.”

Sonakshi will not perform any lovemaking or smooching scenes in the film, even ‘if the script demands it'.  

The source said: “Adjustments have been made to suit Sonakshi, who was being considered for the film for quite some time.

"Knowing her Indian image and shy nature, this was more or less expected. The producer of the film, Ramesh Taurani, and the directors, Abbas-Mustan, are very happy to have her on board.”