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Spooky incidents on sets of 'Aatma'

PTI 10 Aug 2012, 16:14:34 IST
Mumbai: Actors Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Bipasha Basu were shocked by some eerie and spooky incidents on the sets of their upcoming supernatural thriller Atma, by Suparn Verma.

According to a media report, Suparn Verma was shooting in an office complex in Vashi. While filming one particular scene, Suparn had his headphones on and was listening to the dialogues that the actors were delivering, he  suddenly  heard the distant sound of a woman singing.

Strangely enough when he took off the headphones, he could hear nothing and neither could any of the crew members.

Suparn says, “I kept quiet about it. But when Bipasha asked me did you hear a woman singing? I said I heard it too. To our surprise, when the sound recordist played it back there was no sound on the tape.”

In another incident, there was a photo frame hanging on the wall behind where Nawazuddin was standing.

During the shooting, it appeared a bit tilted but since the actor was very engrossed in the scene, Suparn decided not to cut it and go ahead with the shoot. But later, the photo frame came crashing down despite there being no breeze in the room nor had the nail it was hanging on fallen.”

Producer Abhishek Pathak who was present during the shoot says, “At first the frame appeared tilted but when it fell the technicians and unit members were taken aback and were shocked.

"We still couldn't believe that something like this has happened.”