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Splitsvilla 7 Episode 10: Know who breaks Sunny Leone's heart? (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 18 Aug 2014, 10:52:41 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Splitsvilla 7, Episode 10 consummated on yet another surprising note. Making it more interesting were not one, but two incidents that happened this week.

First, the banishment of a much liked male contestant Ayaz Ahmed and the two gorgeous wild card entries on the show. While yes, the episode happened to be thorough indulging on with a lot of elements evidently paving interest in the show, it was a very active presence of hot Sunny Leone that caught our eye.

Madam Leone seemed very much interactive and vocal for her stance in the particular episode. From speaking out loud her feelings when Mayank Pawar's game plan to sustain in the villa got exposed to her intriguing style of talking with the contestants, Sunny made sure that all eyes remain on her.

Giving another very sensuous appearance in an emerald slit gown, Sunny looked enthralling.

The show however remained dedicated to the second banishment, wherein the queen ‘Khushi' banished Ayaaz and he joined already out-of-the-villa contestant Rishabh there.

Clicking the emotional punch in the episode was Priyanka's heavy display of disappointment as she could not resist crying and making hue and cry seeing her connection, Ayaz leaving the villa.

While the two new entries in the villa garnered a rather cold reaction but warm welcome, things were also shown to be getting intense as the existing contestant tried to build rapport with the new ones.

A lady and a dude, both the novel addition to the villa became quite popular in a while there.

Though it was interesting to see hot Dana making a strong connection with a new macho hunk, things turned a bit sour as Mayank Pawar faced a lot of criticism for his game plan in the villa.

The episode ended on a very colourful note showing the hot chicks in the villa grooving with sassy Sunny Leone on ‘desi girl.'

Stay tuned to see what lies ahead in the show!