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Splitsvilla 7 Episode 8: Extreme fun, thrill and tears but all sans Sunny Leone (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 04 Aug 2014, 6:43:34 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Splitsvilla 7, Episode 8 seemed missing a bit on glamour level as it didn't have the ever-so-sexy Sunny Leone in it. Amid all the tension and great action that the episode showed, a complete roll out on Sunny Leone's presence appeared weird.

With the sudden flashback stating that Shravan would remain the next king on the show, the news disappointed many after Mr. Asia, Mayank Powar quit the game following his shoulder injury and Mayank Gandhi, who initially showed terrible anger failed to defeat Shravan in the wrestling game.

But, the most foolish act of the game occurred when Rishabh, who came back in the show, used his vito power to save Priyanka as opposed to Unnati who happened to be his muse.

The entire villa, including Nikhil remained stunned over his decision and the man ultimately faced a lot of criticism from his fellow mates and his darling Unnati too, for the shocking decision.


While Unnati got dumped by the ‘Mad' king of the show, Shravan, Savitha and Palak too had to leave the villa.

Even though the girls inside the villa left no loop hole in looking extremely hot and sassy, who can beat our very own, Sunny Leone? Despite the fact that the game is turning much more intense and passionate with each week passing by, the ray of Sunny's allure and her quintessential charm surely tickled our sad bone and we missed watching her this time.

As the show consummated, it was a serious sigh of relief to see Miss Leone in the precap of the next episode. And what lies ahead in the show is the whooping competition among the ladies to become the second queen of Splitsvilla 7.

Stay tuned as more thrill and fun await you in the upcoming episodes of Splitsvilla 7.