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Splitsvilla 7 Episode 9: Hot Sunny Leone hosts well alone (see pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 12 Aug 2014, 8:12:48 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: Splitsvilla 7 Episode 9 saw the fierce battle of being the second queen of the show, this season. While the competition seemed definitely tough, it was great to watch the fighting spirit alive within the glamorous divas inside the villa.

While the episode marked our very own ‘Baby doll' Sunny Leone hosting the show undisputedly, the actress made sure not to miss out any fervor as she was sans Nikhil Chinnapa for the very first time there.

The show began with a highly interesting task wherein the boys in the villa had to identify their respective girl just by recognizing their feet. The girls chosen were apparently made to compete to be the next queen.

Though quite astonishingly, all the four men in the villa picked their correct lady, the twist came in when Scarlett, who was chosen by Abhishek had to switch herself with the new hottie Dana Vana following a punishment that Abhishek had to serve in order to break the protocol of entering into the queen's room last week.

After all the hoopla that the contestants built around whom should compete against the existing queen (Khushi) nothing fell at right place and for the shock of every one out there, Khushi won the task and remained seated as the current queen of Splitsvilla 7.

Welcoming such a great twist in the show, hot Sunny Leone even took a funny dig at Rishabh's attitude in the task, wherein he let down Apoorva, who was competing against Khushi to be the next queen.

In the task, two couple had to perform and while Khushi chose Abhishek, Apoorva trusted Rishabh and picked him. But, all her hopes vanished down when Rishabh quit the game in the middle and Apoorva could not complete the task alone.

Sunny, gave no escape to Rishabh and immediately pointed out that he is the one who earlier claimed that he had win many physical tasks in the previous season of Splitsvilla and there is no way one can defeat him in any task.

The episode ended on the announcement of next dumping zone and also made a slight mystery around new entrance in the villa.

Stay tuned to see more of energies and strengths capitulated in shaping the show line of Splitsvilla, this season.