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Bigg Boss 8 fifth eviction: Sushant Divgikar leaves the BB8 house

India TV Entertainment Desk 09 Nov 2014, 20:21:11 PM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 8 fifth eviction has resulted in showing Sushant Divgikar the doors of the house.

In today's episode, the contestant to bid adieu would be Sushant who has so far played quite interestingly in the popular game show. While there were five housemates nominated by then captain Upen for eviction, Sushant was directly nominated by Minissha Lamba who left the show the last week.

Sushant who has represented the gay community inside the house so far looked utter disappointed with his eviction and blamed his dear friend Karishma Tanna for his eviction.

Earlier as shown in an episode, both Karishma and Gautam were given a chance to save a contestant from being evicted this week and though Gautam picked Sushant, Karishma denied and insisted on wanting her make-up back.

Puneet Issar, who was also nominated for the eviction was provided with a boon post his violent behaviour with co-contestant Aarya. His re-entry in the house shocked many including the show's host Salman Khan.

Now since Puneet has been saved by the audience for the week, it would be interesting to see for how long he sustains his calm attitude in the Bigg boss 8 house.

Moreover, as Sushant leaves the house, he decides to screw Karishma with the Big Bomb that the evicted contestant uses to directly nominate one of the housemates. Also, for that rare glance, Sushant thanked Gautam and wished everyone happiness and luck for their stay inside the house.

Throughout his entire voyage in the game show, Sushant remained one of those contestants who provided thorough entertainment with their presence in the hosue. However, this week he got nominated with a few ones who have gone high with the popularity this season since Day 1 of Bigg Boss 8.

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