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Tiger Shroff to enter Bollywood with 'Heropanti'

PTI 03 Aug 2012, 14:10:16 IST
Mumbai: Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff's son Tiger Shroff  is going to make his debut in Saji Nadiadwala's film titled Heropanti, says a media report.

Coincidentally, Jckie Shroff's first Bollywood film was Subhas Ghai's Hero in 1982 and he became a star overnight.

The report said, now life has come to a full circle.

This news comes after many months of speculation over whether it would be Aamir Khan or Subhash Ghai who would launch Jackie's son. The mantle has fallen on Sajid's shoulders.

Sabbir Khan (of Kambakth Ishq fame) who will be directing Tiger's debut film said: "Yes, the title is Heropanti and the title came from the character of the boy that Tiger plays.

"The character is little above the ordinary. In normal life, we all follow the set norms and rules. We do not move out of the box but Tiger is someone who is flamboyant and does what he wants to.”

Khan adds, “Also the fact is that he is Jaggudada's son and we could not have got a more apt title. It was a title that Sajidbhai and I came up with. We are still finalising the female lead and will start the film next month.”