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A splendid tribute Govinda: The kind of no.1's!

India TV News Desk 21 Nov 2014, 13:12:03 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Actor Govinda in himself is a whole institution of cinema, he's great at acting, dancing, comedy, romance, action and what not!
And as he's back with his old penchant style with 'Kill Dill' & 'Happy Ending', the audience is sure in for a visual treat.


This video released by 'Being Indian' is an amazing tribute to the 'Hero No. 1' of our film industry; Govinda.
This is a celebration of his super hit long cinematic journey so far...
Govinda has mesmerized audiences for almost 30 years with his profound acting and immaculate dancing skills, and enthralled the masses with his innate comic timing and spontaneity.
This is his second innings in Bollywood after a sabbatical, and for his comeback punch, he is picking on offbeat roles, a welcome departure from his conventional comic avatars.
We wish all the very best to our 'Raja Babu' and may his movies come out with flying colors at box office....