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Tumhari Paakhi: Varun Badola to help Pakhi in order to save Aryaman

IANS 01 Aug 2014, 18:21:19 PM IST
New Delhi: So far Iqbal Khan was seen as the man in focus on TV show "Tumhari Paakhi", but now Varun Badola will be seen stepping in as the protagonist soon, says a source.

The narrative of the Life OK show is slated to undergo a major change. Iqbal was earlier playing a double role and recently one of the characters that he played, died in the show.

The blame comes on Aryaman, a character played by Iqbal himself. His character goes to jail. Varun steps in as a high profile lawyer who knows no boundaries when it comes to his profession.

He will be seen defending the case involving Iqbal's character. Varun's character will also help Paakhi with the issues their business is facing.