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Look who is Uday Chopra's new girlfriend (view pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 02 Nov 2014, 11:07:43 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: The Chopra scion Uday has been consistent in taking a jab over his own relationship status and he has done it again. The actor after dating the beautiful Nargis Fakhri for two years had a split for long distance relationship cited to be one of the reasons.

Now the ‘Dhoom 3' actor looks in a better mood and why not? A new lady has entered in his life and Uday is extremely excited with it. The actor shared the news along with a snap on the social media platform a day before.

“Here's a pic of my current girlfriend…let's see if the tabloids pick this up," the 32-year old actor wrote on Twitter.

So, finally when you have seen his current girlfriend, a lot of thoughts must be going through your mind. Yes, it's none other than Disney's lovable cartoon character Daisy Duck, the muse of Donald Duck.

We wonder has Uday failed to make a girlfriend in the real world that he went on to the imaginary toon world to get one.

Well, undoubtedly Uday is in the fun mood and is finding numerous tactics for it. It could be recalled couple of months back the actor tweeted another snap in which he held a mug with Nargis' photo on it as he wrote, “Who is this @NargisFakhri that everyone keeps linking me with... I've never heard of her.”

Though they had spilt but meetings at numerous occasions are still on. Uday's Diwali celebration saw Nargis as on of the attendees among the others. Well are they still together or not, it's best known to them.