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UK Girl Airin Is The Latest Import To Bollywood

PTI 07 Dec 2010, 12:13:37 IST
British girl Airin is the latest 'phoren' hottie to make an entry in Bollywood, says a media report. She follows the footsteps of Brazilian Giselle Monteiro and Mexican Barbara Mori.  

Director Sachin Karande says initially he didn't plan to cast her in his upcoming film - Payback.  

"I met Airin at a common friend's house as she was down from England for a holiday," Karande said.  

"She was really interested in learning about hindi films and the way they are made, so my friend offered her to visit my set for my shoot which had already begun. She is just 21 and comes from a respected family in England. She has acted in a couple of short films back in England and is also an amazing actor."

Karande, who has worked with stalwarts like Govind Nihalni, etc says he had initially wanted the song to be done by an Indian actress but failed to find the right face for it. She came to the set for a couple of days and we were just planning about who we should cast for the single song in the film, she chipped in and said it was like her dream to be part of a bollywood film and she was fine to start off with one sing. Her being part of the project wasn't planned at all.

"During the screen test, we saw how excellently she was performing on the song. It was then that we decided to shoot the song with her." he added. Well though it is yet to be seen whether Airin will continue in bollywood but all we want to do right now is wish her luck.

Airin is 21 years old and has acted in a couple of short films back in England.