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BEWARE! This 'ultimate' Tollywood fight scene is not easy to watch

India TV News Desk 15 Nov 2014, 10:20:23 AM IST
India TV News Desk

This video is beyond epic and this is not Hollywood, not even Bollywood, in fact it is a grab from a South India movie.


We warn you, that watching this will churn your brain into so many pieces which might become next to impossible for you to gather tit-bits ever again!

Defying anything even related to 'logic', this is a thing of the past, & what adds to the hilarity is that this scene was shot to look compelling but it became everything but compelling.


You may confuse it with some dancing class but let us do the honors to inform you that it is not in-fact anything closer to martial arts, but something beyond even alien's imagination.


We should thank God that 'Bruce Lee' is no more, because had he been alive the man would definitely have committed suicide after watching this....