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When singer Gippy Garewal saved Govinda's daughter Tina from cold weather

IANS 30 Jun 2015, 17:39:34 PM IST

Mumbai: For her debut film 'Second Hand Husband', Tina Ahuja had to shoot a scene when her co-star Gippy Grewal makes her wear his jacket to save her from cold. It made her a bit nervous, but then she knew it's all part of acting.

"There is a sequence where it was freezing cold and I was wearing this short skirt and shivering. I thought I'm not going to last and I will faint... giving all those romantic expressions and all of that... but I managed," said Tina, who is veteran actor Govinda's daughter.

"There was one time when Gippy had to make me wear his jacket and for a moment I thought why did I get into this (acting)... I want to run back home, because no boy had ever done that to me. It's a very normal thing (for people), but it is very different when one has to act it out," Tina added, saying that "in the end, it was fun".

'Second Hand Husband' is directed by Smeep Kang.