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Yana Gupta Denies Rs 1 Cr Offer To Go Bare Skinned

PTI 15 Dec 2010, 13:17:40 IST
Bollywood actor Yana Gupta,  who made it to headlines without underwear, is still not in a mood to confess. Even after a law suit filed against her, Yana Gupta teases her fans with naughty tweets, says a media report.

Yana Gupta says that no one has come to her with a one crore offer asking her to go bare-skinned. She also said that she doesn't have any clue about the lawsuit filed against her. Why not, who doesn't wants to get rich, she jokes in the context of one crore offer.

Yana Gupta gets even naughtier by telling that she has a dilemma whether to wear Gucci or Prada panties! She says that she hasn't ‘forgotten' anything while attending a public function and says sorry to media guys for letting them down! Funny girl, isn't she?