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Yana Gupta Offered Rs 1 Crore To Go Nude

PTI 06 Dec 2010, 11:34:57 IST
Yana is in news from the day she got captured pantyless by shutterbugs.The pictures are popular on internet and the act is talk of the town now. Apart from people in india, it seems that the act has been well noticed around the globe.

A UK based men's magazine is apparently set to approach her with an offer of Rs.1 crore to go nude for their cover.  Rumour has it that there was a high demand for her pantyless pictures at a recent Mumbai wedding. Websites and even some publications for adults are looking for different variations of Yana flaunting her asset.

Yana's popular item number 'Babuji Zara Dhire Chalo' was a hit and she shot to fame with that.After that she was in news for a series of relatioship issues and later was forgotten by our media. Now seems that this panty act has done got her some fame.She will also be doing a dance show in Mumbai.