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Yeh Jism is similar to Turkish pop song, So what, asks Arko

PTI 07 Aug 2012, 14:25:53 IST
Mumbai:  The 'Yeh Jism' song sund by Ali Azmat in Sunny Leone's Jism 2 is similar in tune with Turkish pop singer Kayhan's song 'Bizimkisi bir ask', but the music director  Arko Pravo Mukherjee, who debuted as a music composer in Bollywood says, it's not plagiarized.

The tune is similar to pop singer Kayahan's song from his 2003 album called Ne Oldu Can.

Arko reacted sarcastically to the allegation, saying, “Really? Why was just one song mentioned? I think my entire album is a lift. People write, talk and forget about these things. I'm here to do my work.

"I make music because it's my passion. Allegations won't deter me from delivering a hit soundtrack. So what if some songs end up sounding similar?”

According to the Indian website, itwofs.com, that identifies music lifts and inspirations, the song is plagiarized.

The website also lists songs purportedly lifted by composers Pritam and Nadeem-Shravan.

“I wish my career goes the Pritam way. I don't mind that because I'll have that many hit albums to my credit,” says Arko, adding, “I'm already composing for Jism 3 and a few other projects. So, I'm sure the website will mention me more often!”