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'Fame' Co-star Set To Drop Debut Album With Boy Band

PTI 26 Sep 2009, 10:25:22 IST

Asher Book is just one of the hot young stars in the 'Fame' remake hitting theaters in North America and the U.K. this Friday.  But if he has his way, it's not the last you'll hear of him. 

Book is also part of the boy band quintet V Factory, getting set to release their debut album in early 2010.  A single is expected before the end of 2009.

Asked to describe the band's sound, Book says "it's a pop, boy band, New Age... people like to compare us to a Justin Timberlake/Timbaland vibe. You know, we're very edgy, so, but when people hear us they know it's us, so it's pretty special."

The band consists of five guys who met and live near each other in Los Angeles. They don't avoid the boy band label, but Book feels they're unique enough to stand alone.

"It's like, yes, we're five guys, we can't get away from the term boy band... one of our members, Wesley, he choreographs all our numbers. So we try to do that all ourselves. We're very in tune with the music that we do, which we're very selective on our sound. But I also feel like, you know, our style, we don't come out with crazy colors and parachute pants. We don't try to re-do what was done in the past." 

 Access Hollywood recently named Book one of their "hot teen heartthrobs" -- a title the screaming girls at V Factory concerts would definitely support.

But Book says his bandmates are far from jealous.  "No, they don't ever talk about it like that. I think they're more just happy of the success that's happening with me and everything and the movie. They're huge supporters of me and, you know, they've had my back the last two years. We're all just really good friends. I live with two of the guys and we're all kind of like a tight-knit little family." AP