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'Lindsay Lohan In India' Documentary Trailer Released

PTI 10 Jan 2010, 11:36:08 IST

The trailer for Lindsay Lohan's new BBC documentary was released by the network, and it's a minute-long clip of the star's trip through India in December, when she investigated the trafficking of women and children for the program. 

The actress might have lounged in St. Barts all last week, but she supposedly did some serious soul-searching on her trip to India.

Lindsay Lohan in India biggest fan, her mom Dina, had nothing but great things to say about her daughter's experience, and her progress.

 "It was an amazing, life-changing experience for her," she said in an interview with People magazine on Saturday.

 "I'm so proud of Lindsay, that under all the scrutiny the tabloids put her under, she is a very strong, caring, talented girl who ignores all the negative, and continues to move forward in a positive direction. I am so proud of her."

On her life-changing trip, according to the BBC, the actress is said to have met "young boys who work 16-hour days under the constant threat of beatings, …a reformed trafficker who would make a quick buck luring young girls...[and] a shelter where young girls promised domestic work for India's burgeoning middle classes were trafficked into brothels and forced into prostitution."