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Actors experience new age with motion capture: Andy Serkis

India TV News Desk June 28, 2014 18:58 IST
India TV News Desk
Los Angeles: British actor Andy Serkis, who with the help of motion capture has wowed audiences around the world with his roles such as King Kong, Gollum and Caesar the ape, feels the technology has ushered in a "new age for actors".

He says the technology is in fact not a dehumanizing factor.

"Motion capture technology is ushering in a new age for actors. You're still putting something of yourself under the microscope. Everything that creates these experiences is authored by the actors on set," Serkis said in a statement.

He is amazed at the pace the technology is venturing into other arms of entertainment as well.

"Motion capture, which sees a human's physical movements mapped onto a Computer Graphics Imagery (CGI) creation is proliferating at a fantastic rate and thanks to lower budgets, it's starting to make its way to TV as well," he added.

Serkis, who also served as a consultant on recent monster mash-up "Godzilla," will mesmerize audiences once again as Caesar the ape in "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", which releases July 11.