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Arnold Schwarzenegger May Return To Acting

PTI 04 Jan 2011, 21:56:24 IST
Washington, DC: Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has now completed a seven-year term as the governor of California, has hinted that he may return to acting.

The Terminator actor hinted he has a list of things he ‘can do' but has not committed to anything completely.

"The list is a long list of things I can do, but nothing I can concentrate on until I am literally, totally out of office,” Contactmusic quoted Schwarzenegger as telling Variety.

“For me the joy of life is not to know, and you get into it and you kind of figure it out. I love that. I don't like safety nets. I am not a believer in that," he added.

After leaving his acting career for politics, the 63-year-old played cameos in two movies, The Expendables and Around the World in 80 Days.