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Chris Brown gets positive probation report

IANS 14 Aug 2014, 16:32:34 PM IST
Los Angeles: Singer Chris Brown has had his drug testing reduced from three times a week to two after he managed to impress a judge with a positive probation report.

Brown appeared in court here Wednesday for a progress report on his probation and the hearing was told all his random drug tests were negative and he had been attending bi-weekly therapy sessions, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

As a result of his positive report, the judge agreed to a request from the 25-year-old singer's lawyer to have his drug testing reduced from three times a week to two.

While Brown - who was placed on probation for five years and sentenced to six months community service for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 - hasn't spoken directly about his good report, he made fans aware of the situation.

He retweeted a post from CNN reporter Alan Duke which read: "Judge just praised @chrisbrown for a good probation report, noting he's tested negative on all drug tests since release from jail."

The "Run it" star will next appear in court for a probation hearing on Oct 23 and his probation comes to an end in January 2015.

Brown was released from jail June 2 after spending two months behind bars for allegedly making threats about using guns while seeking anger management treatment in rehab.