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Cindy Crawford has raunchy dressing room personality

IANS 11 Oct 2015, 16:11:15 IST

Los Angeles: Supermodel Cindy Crawford says she has a "dressing room personality" that is "raunchier" than when she attends dinner parties.
 "I know I have a dressing room personality that is slightly funnier and raunchier than I might have at a dinner party. In fact, it's practically mandatory!" Crawford was quoted as saying by Refinery29, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

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"In order to keep up with the humour with some of the biggest personalities I've ever met, I have to bring my A game," she added. 

Crawford also said the make-up room is the place where she could "talk about the fight I had with my boyfriend or about feeling homesick". 
"There, tears are dried, and friendships are cemented, so that by the time I step onto the set, I feel invincible," she added.