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I want to be a role model for people: Demi Lovato

IANS 07 Nov 2014, 19:15:27 PM IST

Los Angeles: Singer-actress Demi Lovato wants to be a role model for the young generation and use her fame for good, rather than coming across as a vain celebrity.
The 22-year-old singer, who checked into rehab in 2010 over a number of issues, understands why some people shy away from setting an example to their fans, but she has now embraced the fact that people look up to her because she wants to do good with her career, reports contactmusic.com.
"I really embraced the whole role model thing, because when I was younger I realised that shying away from it and denying that I was gonna be a role model only made me resent the fact that people were putting boundaries on me of things I can and cannot do.
"I think that's why a lot of people shy from it, rightfully so. People sometimes just want to live their lives," Access Hollywood quoted her as saying.
"At that moment, I knew I was doing a lot of things that weren't right and weren't role model-like until the day that I saw everything in the bigger picture where my voice -- if you live your whole career just singing and just taking pictures and just living in front of everyone, if you don't use your voice for good, it's actually a very vain career, a narcissistic career.
"I want to use my voice for good and I know that I can do a lot other than singing. And that's what I want to do. That's what I want to show people," the “Camp Rock” actress added.
Lovato thinks it's important to maintain honesty with her fans, which means not hiding her vulnerable side.
"I think it's important for people to realise that celebrities are human beings and that nobody has it easy just because they are a celebrity and people that you think are flawless are actually flawed themselves, sometimes more than you are.
"I love being open and honest and vulnerable with people, because it's just a part of who I am," she added.