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Dolly Parton fasts before writing songs

PTI 08 Jun 2014, 12:07:09 IST
Los Angeles: Singer Dolly Parton says she goes upto mountains and fasts before writing new music.

The 68-year-old likes to set aside time to get into a “spiritual place” by herself as she thinks it helps her in her creative process, reports contactmusic.com.

“One of my favourite things to do in the world is to have time set aside, like two or three weeks, to say I'm just going to write,” she said.

“Go up to my old mountain home. I fast and pray for a few days to get myself into kind of a spiritual place, even get through the headaches and everything with the fasting til I get kind of... Yeah, I hate to fast.But once I get into the writing, then it starts to be creative,” she added.