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Elizabeth Hurley Got Ping Pong The Parrot As Christmas Present

PTI 20 Jan 2011, 21:06:25 PM IST
Washington, DC: Model-and-actress Elizabeth Hurley is very excited about the new addition to her home - Ping Pong the parrot.

The 45-year-old British star was given the exotic bird, a Blue Fronted Amazonian, for Christmas but she only received her feathered friend this week, reports Contactmusic.

Hurley wrote on her Twitter page: “Home soon, where my new pet will be waiting. Yes! Finally, a Blue Fronted Amazonian. Beside myself with excitement.

“Ping Pong-the new parrot-was my favorite Christmas present … Making a list of everything I want to teach her to say. (sic)”

She added in another tweet: "Have been studying parrot attacks on You Tube. Slightly nervous. (sic)"