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Eva Mendes, Keira's Ex Get Well Oiled For Calvin Klein Campaign

PTI 13 Jan 2010, 13:07:18 IST

Eva Mendes is fast becoming more famous for her risque ad campaigns rather than her acting.  The actress smoulders in her newest Calvin Klein campaign, undoubtedly her hottest outing to date. Eva, 35, is reunited with Keira Knightley's ex, model Jamie Dornan, for a series of racy shots, reports Daily Mail, London.

Eva Mendes puts on her best smouldering look in the ad campaign for the latest Calvin Klein clothing collection

The actress pairs up again with model Jamie Dornan, Keira Knightley's ex who is also a Calvin Klein favourite

The oiled up pair writhe on top of one another in the sand, clad in nothing but their favourite Calvins for the designers new Whitewashed collection.

The adverts are due to hit billboards this spring, and looks set to attract the attention of censors all over again.

Eva's steamy ads for the Secret Obsession fragrance featuring the actress in the nude were deemed too risqué for TV in 2008.

In the 30-second clip the We Own The Night actress rolled around seductively on an unmade bed and caressed her body.

A topless Eva could incur the wrath of the censor yet again with the latest in a line of steamy ads for Calvin Klein

Eva is mostly naked and slightly out of focus for the duration of the ad but at one point the 35-year-old touched her breasts and revealed one of her nipples.

The American actress is a bit of a veteran when it comes to disrobing - and sometimes it's even done for  good cause. But not all her fans approve.

Her mother was less than impressed with the 'I'd Rather Go Naked Then Wear Fur' campaign she did for animal rights group PETA in 2007.

Eva told Fox News: 'I was completely naked (but covered in the right areas) which made my mother cringe. But I was like, ‘mom it's for a good cause!'

The oiled up pair writhe on top of one another in the sand