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Harry Potter beauty Afshan Azad is not happy after breaking the internet!

India TV Entertainment Desk 30 Jun 2015, 18:52:02 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

New Delhi: Remember British model and actress Afshan Azad who played the character of Ravenclaw Padma Patil in the blockbuster Harry Potter movie series?

Well, you must have if followed the 'Harry Potter' series religiously.

But now after looking at Afshan's current appearance you might not be able to recognize her at all.  The then 16-year-old innocent sweet looking Padma aka Afshan has now transformed into a beauty queen.

Soon after an article on Buzfeed (about her changed looks) got published, Afshan broke the internet out of nowhere.

Twitteraitis are sharing her old and new photographs to make the people understand how this 27-year-old actress used to look like 11 years ago.

However, Afshan herself was less than amused after getting much hype on the social networking site.

“Seriously guys, all this hype after the Buzzfeed article is ridiculous! Hilarious but crazy! I appreciate It& all but come on I was 16 then!!” she tweeted.

The lady also expressed bewilderment over making news for her ‘makeover' when she didn't think she had been ‘ugly' to begin with!

“Hahaha this is so ridic laughing in bed right now. Thank God for growing up hey?! Why ya'll going on like I was SOOO ugly when I was 16!,” Afshan tweeted.

The gigantic, yet obvious, change in her looks when she was16-year-old and now when she is 27-year-old, Afshan is questioned whether she went under the knife.

To which she replied, “Oh and FYI for all you haters,I have NEVER had any form of plastic surgery, so keep your comments to yourself and get your facts straight”.

Well! Instantly rising to fame is not always good. Like what happened with Afshan.