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James Cameron, Cirque Du Soleil Team Up For Movie

PTI 10 Dec 2010, 20:27:56 IST
Los Angeles: It seems a natural fit: the movie director behind blockbuster Avatar that changed cinema forever, teaming with Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian performance troupe that gave the circus a whole new meaning, to make a movie.

Avatar creator James Cameron, Cirque du Soleil, Shrek director Andrew Adamson and production company Reel FX Entertainment on Thursday unveiled plans to make 3D movies they promise will represent "an art form beyond the imagination."

"The images we've been shooting are stunning, and I know Andrew Adamson will weave them into a transporting, dreamlike narrative which will mesmerize audiences of all ages around the world," Cameron said in a statement.

etails were scant, but the movies will feature Cirque du Soleil performers who have thrilled audiences with their unique live shows that feature imaginative acrobatics, and colorful characters and costumes.

Their shows like The Beatles-themed 'Love', and 'Mystere' in Las Vegas, as well as those on tour around the world have played to more than 100 million people since 1984.

The first movie project, which has yet to be named, is already in production, the creators said. No release schedule was announced.