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Jessie J wants beau like her dad

IANS 24 Nov 2014, 7:11:52 AM IST

Los Angeles: A perfect man for singer Jessie J would mean someone like her father.

The 'Bang Bang' hitmaker is currently dating singer Luke James. She says she loves the way her social worker father Stephen handles her mother, who is much like her.

"My mum and dad are a great example. My mum, Rose, is a very sexy, independent and strong woman. My dad has always been able to handle her - that's what I'm used to and have always wanted for myself.

"If I end up marrying a man with the qualities of my dad, I'd be very happy. He's an amazing man and very caring, loving, funny and well-dressed," contactmusic.com quoted Jessie as saying.

All of 26, the singer wants to have a family of her own, but says she isn't ready for motherhood yet.

"I'm young and I want to really live these years and focus on my music. I definitely dream of becoming a mum some day. I feel like one of the reasons I'm on earth is to be a mum," she said.