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Kelly Osbourne sued by former landlord

India TV News Desk 01 Aug 2014, 15:18:11 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Los Angeles: Kelly Osbourne's former landlord has sued her by claimed that the singer caused damages worth $70,000 to his property after she let her dogs defecate all over the apartment.

The "Fashion Police" host earlier took legal action against the landlord for keeping her security deposit when she moved out of the apartment. He has now fired back and is suing the singer for the damages caused to the property, reports tmz.com.

Arshia Refoua, the landlord, insisted that he was right to keep Osbourne's $22,000 deposit when she moved out in April 2013 because of the state she left the property in.

He claimed that the apartment had holes in the walls, the hardwood floors were destroyed and there was dog urine and poop "everywhere".

He also said that she caused extensive damage to the apartment after leaving the bathtub running, flooding both her property and ones below her.

The landlord is seeking damages of $70,000.

Meanwhile, Osbourne, 29, has claimed the landlord never bothered to stop by and check the property when she was moving out, but shortly afterwards received an email claiming the full deposit was required to cover damage and cleaning expenses.