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Ted 2: The teddy bear takes a dig at Kim Kardashian's famous 'butt' cover

IANS 07 Jun 2015, 12:04:20 IST

Ted spoofs Kim Kardashian's magazine cover pose

Los Angeles: Ted the teddy bear has made fun of Kim Kardashian's now-famous Paper magazine cover by striking a similar pose on the cover of another magazine. It is a promotional stint for "Ted" sequel "Ted 2".

The spoof on Kardashian's famous pose was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

In the hilarious photograph, the teddy bear is seen holding a bottle while balancing a cup of beer on his furry derriere just like the reality star's pose in the photo shot by Jean-Paul Goude, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Ted is even shown making the same facial expression.

In an interview with the magazine, the movie's creator Seth MacFarlane said that "Ted 2" would be totally different from the first movie.

"The trap that you fall into with a comedy sequel is that you're making the same movie two times. We wanted to make sure this story was completely new," he said.

Ted also shared in the article about his biggest fear, saying, "I have a recurring nightmare that my pot is gone. But then I wake up and it's there, so I smoke it in celebration."

On being asked about his dream scenario for a perfect day, Ted gushed that it included "riding around in a helicopter with rappers and dropping boxes of sneakers on people."

When it comes to his regular morning routine, Ted shared: "1. Go to the health store and get a green smoothie, a couple of veggie sausages, and a cinnamon grain-free chia pudding. 2. Wait outside health store. 3. Huck green smoothie, veggie sausages, and chia pudding at guy with hipster beard. 4. Go get an Irish coffee and f**king doughnuts."

In the sequel, Ted, who marries Tami-Lynn in the movie, tries to prove that he's a human so that he and Tami can have children.

Mark Wahlberg reprises his role as Ted's close friend, John Bennett.