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Lady Gaga Pours Her Heart Out At India's Most Desirable

PTI 22 Aug 2011, 21:34:21 IST

Mumbai, Aug 22: International pop-star Lady Gaga recently confessed about her love for Bollywood at Simi Garewal's talk show India's Most Desirable.

At the show she poured her heart out discussing on everything from her unsuccessful relationships, growing up years to her journey to stardom.

The 25 year old pop singer stated that she loves Bollywood for its surreal genius and heightened reality. She has watched a couple of Bollywood films and simply loves them for being surreal, theatrical and full of fantasy. She also admitted that she loves Indian cuisine.

Lady Gaga is all set to visit India this October for her first ever live performance in the subcontinent.

The singer who recently broke up with boyfriend Carl Luc after three long years of relationship also stated that artists are likely to be lonely.