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Madonna Gives Green Light To Daughter's First Boyfriend

PTI 19 Jan 2010, 11:03:56 IST

Madonna has given her daughter's first boyfriend the thumbs-up.

The 'Queen of Pop', known to be a strict disciplinarian was not happy that her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes Ciccone Leon had started dating so early, but was convinced when she met her boyfriend, reported Daily Mail online.

Madonna's eldest daughter is seeing a boy called Carlo and the popstar is delighted with her daughter's choice.

"At first Madonna was hesitant about Lourdes getting involved with a guy at such a young age. But they met at the Kabbalah Centre in New York City and Madonna is completely cool with it because he's very honourable," said a source close to the 'Vogue' hitmaker.

Lourdes now often brings her boyfriend to have dinner with her family.

Interestingly, the 51-year-old popstar is herself dating a model almost three decades her junior.

After divorcing British director Guy Ritchie in 2008, she started dating Brazilian model Jesus Luz, 22.