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Meet The Blonde Oz Mum Who Cost Warne Liz Hurley

PTI 20 Dec 2010, 16:57:15 IST
Melbourne: The blonde married mum from Melbourne, who was bombarded with sexually explicit texts by former cricketer Shane Warne, is said to have been relentlessly chased by him.  

According to News of the World, Warne, 41, went after Adele Angeleri, 44, after he spotted her in the street across from the office of the Shane Warne Foundation in Brighton, Melbourne.  

The Australian reported that the paper alleges Warne, who is divorced, had repeatedly asked Angeleri, a mother of two, for sex in more than 100 increasingly raunchy text messages after they exchanged numbers.  

He allegedly sent her the messages after she sent him a jacket from her Brighton leather store, and in one such text he told her that she made him “horny” and inspired “filthy naughty dreams”, News.com.au reported.  

At one stage he is even said to have pleaded: “I want to see you riding me.”  

Warne's pursuit of Angeleri came to an abrupt halt in a furious bust-up with her husband, Denis, on December 3, and as per the husband's tweets, it was five days before Warne met up with Hurley in Britain.