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America's Got Talent: Mel B turned into Voodoo doll during magic performance

IANS 14 Aug 2014, 9:46:24 AM IST
Los Angeles: Former Spice girl Mel B was turned into a real life Voodoo doll during a contestant's magic performance on “America's Got Talent”

A reluctant Mel was coaxed into helping contestant Mike Super with his mind-blowing routine, after she admitted she didn't believe he received his magical powers from a spirit energy dubbed Desmond, reports dailymail.co.uk.

“As Mel B makes her way to the stage it doesn't matter if you believe in Desmond. All that matters tonight is that you are entertained,” Mike said.

Mike sat the singer down on a chair. The performer then claimed to have put the spirit of Desmond inside of Mel and the mother of four looked decidedly unimpressed.

Mike pulled out a Voodoo doll, which he dubbed 'My Scary Spice doll' and explained: 'Whatever I do to this doll, Desmond is going to make you feel it. I'm going to link to doll's aura to Mel's.”

He then tapped on the doll and Mel confirmed she felt the tap on her shoulder.

But the performer stepped it up a notch in a bid to convince the singer of his powers, lighting the doll's hands on fire with Mel opening her palms to reveal she has ash marks.

“But wait, Mel B I need to know do you believe in Desmond now,' he asked.

“Well yeah,” she hesitantly replied.

He finished off his routine by tasering the Voodoo doll and an unimpressed Mel also felt the shocks.

“That really hurt. I don't get paid enough for this,” she said as she stormed off the stage.

Mel later tweeted: “I do not like desmand(sic).”

Interestingly it's not her first foray into the world of Voodoo. In 2007, Mel participated in a Channel 4 documentary called “Voodoo Princess”, where she explored Voodoo priests, animal sacrifices and zombies in West Africa.